One nice destination to explore all on your shoulders and the level of excitement in the head. Are you all set for a solo trip? Think again!

Flight tickets – booked. Hotel stay – planned. Tour guide – arranged. All you are left to do now is pack all your travel essentials in a way that they do not take much space and are easy to carry. These days there are great options available online when it comes to finding that one carry-all bag that could accommodate 100 things meticulously and make your solo trip hassle-free and memorable.

Every solo traveler’s companion – the best thing about these king-size rucksacks are that your luggage no more feels like one and you own the journey back and forth up on your feet.


These carry-all rucksacks not only keep all your travel belongings handy and safe but also allow you to be. You can roam free and experience the most of your travel, at any given time. A great option for trekking, hiking and other adventures – these stylish bags ease every step of the mile.


With a water-resistant king-size bagpack that has got all the pockets to keep your clothes, towel, shaving kit, quilt, sleeping bag, speaker, flip-flops, rope, torch, umbrella, passport, id proof and more stuff, prim and proper – you are always ready to click and capture all good moments, all by yourself. Selfies on a solo trip will have new meanings with this travel companion.


Solo travelers have unique fashion sensibilities; a carry-all unisex travel rucksack with multiple pockets would only add to their persona, if nothing else.


This rucksack is your new-found travel planner. It will keep all your essentials at one place, safe and handy. With zero dependency on anyone for anything; you travel full proof even in the times of adversity.