Subtlety is certainly not the key when it comes to jewellery, at least for the next 12 months. The bigger the piece – the better it’s going to be. Here’s a round-up of top jewellery trends spotted at runways across the globe for you to take inspiration from.


Statement Earrings

Big chunky pieces perfected with asymmetrical details and bold embellishments are a big-big trend to style the ears for the coming months. The idea is to let the ear piece standout whatever your outfit maybe.

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Beaded Pendants

The classic pendant for 2018 knows no minimalism and nothing conservative. Strutting across the globe this accessory stole the show adorning colorful beads, fringes and what not. Wear the trend to work, juxtaposed with monotone outfits for a more flamboyant look.  

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The it-accessory of high school is making a comeback with a whole new meaning. Handcuffs go out giving this all-new couture jewellery essential – a place of its own. Embrace the oh-so-charming bracelet for an all-day long look.


Ornate Necklaces

Last on the list are heavily studded baubles for the neck. Contemporary statement neckpieces with kitschy hints or traditional Kundan chokers – all your favourite necklaces are staying back for another season. Remember, you got to let the neckpiece do the talking for you.

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Bold Rings

Oversized rings have caught all the attention and aren’t hiding away this season either. Adjustable, geometric, studded with stones or just wire-like finger ornament – the bigger the rings get, the closer you get to make the most of this trend.


Sparkling Barrette

Glittering slide hair clips are big stunners now. Embrace the trend for a Cinderella-perfect look for the parties lined up in the times to come. From buns to braids – these sparkling barrettes are here to hold every look up and how!