Copper: The Exclusive Craft of Moradabad

Moradabad: The City Known for Its Excellent Craftmanship 

Craftmanship is the quality of the native people at Moradabad. This city in Uttar Pradesh is the age-old exporter of handicrafts in India. Approximately, 40% of total handicraft exports in India is done from Moradabad. So, it is obvious that the artisans here are skilled person who know how to harness the best handicraft techniques with passion, care, and attention with detail. Also called the gold mine   city of Uttar Pradesh, one can trace the roots of this city during the heydays of the Mughal Empire.  

Moradabad History: Quick Overview 

Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh is renowned for its niche handicraft industry amongst other specialties. The roots of the city can be traced back to the prosperous history of Mughal Empire. It was established by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan’s son Murad in the early 1600s. The handicraft industry of Moradabad is in itself celebrated and acclaimed worldwide as the largest exporters of brass and copper products. Thus, called the ‘Brass City’ serves diverse interests of the people of not only India but across the world.  

Sneak Peek into Distinctive Art of Moradabad  

There is a grand history of handicrafts in Moradabad. The rural districts of Moradabad are the heart of India’s traditional Handicraft Industry that promotes local talent and yields employment. Simultaneously, the century old art of copper production is one of the most distinctive and intricate arts of Moradabad. This city is the mother source of raw material used by the artisans to make diverse copper products. The copper industry of  

What is Moradabad Famous For?  

Moradabad has been recognized across the globe with its modern, artistic and attractive products. It is an authentic art form that has evolved and flourished over the decades. Take a look at one of the impeccable art forms embraced in Moradabad:   

The Exclusive Hot Print Technique  

While some utensils like bottles and glasses are adorned with appealing designs, others have a lustrous and golden texture. A unique and special technique is used to adorn the copper products with beautiful patterns and designs is called hot print technique. This technique is known as hot printing that involves taking different designer sheets. At the same time, cutting them in the same size of the product before dipping in water is also the part of this technique performed by the artisans of Moradabad.  

Lastly, the wet sheets are wrapped around the product and then inserted in a hot oven to transfer the print from the sheet to the product. The enduring prints do not lose their luster as they are specially curated with care for everyday use.  

The Astonishing Benefits of Copper  

The 29th element of the periodic table, Copper is a highly beneficial metal with abundance of health benefits. This chemical element is an essential mineral required by the body for vital functioning and good health. It promotes healing due to the presence of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. The same also fights against life threatening diseases by regulating red blood cells and nerve cells in the body. This transition metal boosts immune system and has skin health along with aiding weight loss.  

For instance, according to Ayurveda, drinking water stored in a copper vessel overnight feeds your mind and body. Unknown to many, Copper is a natural water purifier that can also filter contaminated water within 16 hours by eliminating harmful microbes. It is a storehouse of health and welfare.  

The Return of Copper Age  

Due to the rising health awareness and transforming mindsets, copper has dominated the use of other material utensils with an extensive demand in the market. it is a timeless metal that retains its shine and qualities in a long haul. With the rise in disposable incomes, people are investing on their health by switching to copper utensils for everyday use. Every aspect of copper makes it desirable and worthwhile.  

Moradabad, being the largest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of copper products throughout the subcontinent, has craftsperson who are known to execute backbreaking hard work that goes into the making of copper products ranging from bottles, jugs, mugs, plates and so on.  

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