Meaning, Story and Shopping  

Dhanteras marks the beginning of the Diwali festival. It is also known as Dhanvantari Jayanti or National Ayurveda Day. The word Dhanteras is derived from two words. Dhan means wealth and Theras means the 13th lunar day of Krishna Paksha. Dhanteras is celebrated two days before Diwali, it commemorated the birth of Lord Dhanvantri.  

Story Behind Dhanteras: 

1. Story of King Hima and his wife: 

The story revolves around a sixteen-year-old King Hima. According to his Astrologer’s prediction, he would die on the fourth day of his marriage. On the fourth day, in order to save her husband, her wife didn’t let her sleep the whole night and placed various bunches of gold/ silver in the passage area of her bedroom. When Yama, the god of death, came in the form of a snake, but he couldn’t enter king Hima’s bedroom. So, he decided to wait for the whole night and listened to Hima wife’s melodious songs. The night passed away, and Yama didn’t have any choice, and left. So, in this way, King Hima’s life was saved by her wife. From that incident, the day of Dhanteras came to known as Yamadeepan, in which are houses are lit up with sparkling lights for the worshipping Yama- The god of death.  

2. Story of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi- 

The story starts where Goddess Laxmi requests her husband- Lord Vishnu to take her along to earth’s visit. Lord Vishnu accepted the request, but on the condition that she would avoid the earthy temptations and would look to the southern direction. But, due to her flickering attitude, she couldn’t resist and went to a farm with bright yellow mustard flowers. As Goddess Laxmi broke her pledge, Lord Vishnu got annoyed and punished Goddess Laxmi to spend next twelve years as a punishment on the earth by serving a poor farmer cultivating sugarcane and mustard. 

After this Goddess Laxmi arrived at the farmer’s field and he became very wealthy and prosperous. After the completion of twelve years punishment, Lord Vishnu came to earth to take his wife back. But after various requests, the farmer refused to relieve her from the services. Now, was the time when Goddess Laxmi revealed her identity and promised the farmer to return yearly on the night of Diwali.  

Why Dhanteras is called National Ayurveda Day: An Untold Story 

The origin of Ayurveda has been mentioned in Bhagavata Purana and in Mahabharata’s famous chapter- Samundar Manthan. As per the story, Samundar Manthan had yielded the Amrit (nectar of immortality) and God Dhanvantri was gifted with a power to heal i.e., Ayurveda. After this achievement, God Dhanvantri came with the Ayurveda for the betterment of humankind. He imparted Vedic knowledge to all levels of pranayama and meditation. A devotee can easily achieve powers by healing just by worshipping Lord Dhanvantri on the special occasion of Dhanteras. 

Dhanteras Pooja and Preparations: 

On this day, all the family members perform a Dhanteras pooja in the evening and offer fresh flowers and prasad to the deity. The house entrance is decorated with colorful lights, lanterns and traditional rangoli to welcome Goddess Laxmi for prosperity and wealth. On the same day, little red footprints are made near the house’s entrance that symbolize the coming of Goddess Lakshmi. As per various beliefs, 13 diyas are lit on Dhanteras that represents thirteen laps dedicated to Lord Kuber- The god of wealth, prosper and splendor. 

Things To Buy on Dhanteras: 

Dhanteras is considered an auspicious day to invest money on things like gold/ silver/ steel ware. Generally, most people buy jewelry, new vehicles, new utensils and home appliances. On this day, it is considered that money spent on every new purchase of gold/ silver/ steel ware products shall come back thousandfold. On this day, Jewelry shops are very crowded, and everyone buys gold/ silver ornaments and coins.  

1. Gold/ Silver: They are very precious metals and logically, gold/ silver investments never make loose which increases the wealth and is surely a profitable investment.  

2. Utensils: Dhanteras is a very auspicious day to refill your kitchen utensils. People usually buy brass, copper and earthen utensils and cook the first Prasad in them only.  

3. Electronics: If you are planning to buy or upgrade your phone/ Television or any other electronics, then Dhanteras is the most auspicious day for purchasing. Various stores are open till late night and customers are also offered various attractive discounts. 

4. Broom: As houses are properly cleaned for a warm welcome of Goddess Laxmi. So, purchase a new broom and discard the old one that helps in eliminating all negativity and financial troubles.  

5. Clothes: In order to have a fresh and positive look, Dhanteras is the best day for shopping clothes for the stylish and traditional Diwali look. The main idea behind buying new clothes is just that it creates a positive energy and keeps all your family members excited for the festival. 

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