Top 5: Best ways to celebrate Earth Day!

History of Earth Day  

Our planet Earth is a beautiful place, the only planet full of life and diversity. Not only does it support life, but has also provided a safe living atmosphere for the people. However, it is life-threatening to not be able to do our bit to protect and support our mother earth. Over the years, the surge in pollution and global warming along with other factors have led to the depletion of the ozone layer and the atmosphere, leading to numerous hazardous effects on the climate and health of living organisms.  

In the year 1970, a United States senator took the initiative to organize a national demonstration to raise awareness about serious-environmental issues, which furthermore led to the celebration of Earth’s Day. Since then, Earth’s Day has been celebrated on April 22 every year to pay tribute to the planet and protect it from further exhaustion through various means of activities. It has become necessary to take a step forward and adapt environment-friendly ways of living to protect our earth not only on the assigned day but every day.  

Top 5 ways to make Earth Day special  

  1. Plant a tree:  

Planting a tree can make a huge difference if not today but for tomorrow. The rapid surge in deforestation for catering to our personal needs and sometimes natural disasters have led to a massive reduction in the number of trees. Trees are a necessity for living and the only source of oxygen. Besides this, trees provide food and shelter for other living organisms. Don’t compromise with the air quality and choke yourselves; instead, take a step forward and plant at least one sapling for a healthy life. Your future lies within your hands and deeds.  

  1. Turn off:  

Does the question arise in your mind about what to turn off? Let me guide you through it. Everything that we use runs on electricity, which is produced from several natural things around us like solar energy, wind, fossil fuels, water, coal, natural gas, and so on. There are limited resources on earth that have already been overused and we need to preserve these precious resources. Always turn off the lights, fans, and other switches when not in use. Not only will it save electricity, but also save resources.  

  1. Limit water usage:  

We have been taught to save water and limit water usage since our childhood. Water is an important part of our lives and ecosystem. At present, with the rapid changes in the environment, we are left with fewer resources of water that were once available in abundance. Drinking water is a limited resource and we need to act upon the current situation before it vanishes. Always turn off the tap faucet when not in use, reuse water from water dispensers, etc. Learn and guide others not to waste water. 

  1. Pitch in yourself:  

We all have busy schedules and roles to play in our daily lives but we breathe every second to be alive. Similarly, we can always offer valuable time to our planet by doing small bits and realizing it’s worth everything we do. It is one of the best ways to take a break from monotonous lives and be a planet hero by volunteering for eco-friendly activities.  

  1. Spread awareness:  

It all starts with one person, creating, and linking huge groups together to perform one vital duty. It is never too late to begin, go out and talk to your friends, family, and even unknown people to spread the word about saving our environment. Nature has its own beauty and you can always talk about the green tips, and challenges. You can also include other interesting topics accordingly to raise awareness.  

Popular activities and must-do’s 

  1. Reducing the carbon footprint:  

In an overpopulated country like ours, we should find ways and be creative around the ideas of commuting that are eco-friendly and time-saving as well. Not only will we contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint, but also make the earth a better place for living with these small initiatives. Instead of using personal vehicles, you can always switch to carpools, public transport, walking, or riding a bike according to the distance to your destination. This will make your life fun and save you from being stuck in traffic for long hours.  

  1. Swapping diets overtime  

It is hard to believe, and sad to be true, that food production accounts for massive greenhouse gas emissions globally. The meat industry is solely blamed for this, along with the ones who consume non-veg. It is always advised to swap your diets for a few months or years and go vegan as a small change in our dietary habits could lead to huge environmental changes in the future. Take your time and get experimental with your food choices.  

  1. The Three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) 

Living a life without incorporating the principle of the three R’s is a complete waste of resources and energy. They are a vital source for living a sustainable life and implementing environmentally friendly inputs for favorable outputs. The principle is as simple as it seems. Start by reducing the amount of waste, reuse items before discarding or replacing them, and recycle necessary things whenever possible. Besides the famous three, we often miss out on the very important two R’s essential for initiating and ending the former principle. Rethinking and recovery are the fundamental keys to bringing principles into action. Think twice and act wisely. 

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