Live Shopping: Shopping Ka Naya Tareeka?

Live Shopping: A New Trend?  

Over the years, people have switched their shopping lifestyle from traditional to live shopping through apps and the virtual world. They are readily investing huge amounts to purchase goods from across the world that get delivered to their doorsteps. The traditional sellers and retailers that worked within their confined limits of physical mode saw this as an opportunity to expand their business to maximize customer service efficiency. With the surge in demand of the customers, the trend of live shopping has stabilized itself in the world of ever-expanding trade and commerce. People have adopted easier ways to shop within the comfort of their homes. The trend of live shopping has made shopping convenient and hustle-free.   

E-commerce and live shopping  

The Internet is a boon in our lives that has made our lives simpler and more productive. Another concept that emerged with the efficiency of the internet is e-commerce, which has enabled not only the customers but also the retailers and sellers from across the globe to reconnect on a single platform. E-commerce serves as a medium to empower sellers and retailers to cater to the needs of a massive audience at once. The pandemic also led to the surge and expansion of live shopping through e-commerce and intensified global sales. It is one of the major sources for expanding business and paving the way to prosper in the market. The live commerce market has flourished in the past few years and has grabbed attention worldwide.  

What is live shopping? 

We often come across various channels like EZMall, Naaptol, Home Shop 18, and so on that use television as a virtual medium to sell their products. Retailers and businessmen have channelized and intertwined socializing, entertainment and shopping together to make purchasing easier through social interactions. It is a real-time shopping experience for the customers as the sellers display their products in an appealing manner and at an affordable price. The promotional deals and offers stay valid up till the live stream, which also generates curiosity to purchase.  

What makes it more exciting is the way sellers give recommendations and reviews of the products. They guide customers to make the right choice and decision before investing. Several influencers play a vital role in promoting the products and convincing people. Moreover, people also participate in live-stream shopping through other social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. It’s equally beneficial for both the sellers and customers.  

The spectrum of products 

Just like the traditional way of shopping, live stream shopping also presents a large spectrum of products that vary according to the different categories and live events. They serve a large variety of products starting from household essentials to home appliances and electronics that are available at pocket-friendly prices. They also incorporate special deals and offers for people to buy the best quality products at their convenience. Live shopping has made shopping a more blissful experience.  

The rising popularity of live shopping  

To start with, there are numerous benefits of live shopping that have made it popular among people.

  1. The first and foremost reason for its popularity is the better engagement of customers. People are always engrossed and bombarded with sales promotions in emails, advertisements for new brands, etc. that they often overlook due to their tediousness and repetitiveness. However, it is different with live shopping as people are open to new experiences of engagement via shopping. It also generates massive sales in order to fulfill the demands of customers as the products are seen worldwide and viewers enjoy the content displayed to them.  

  1. Subsequently, it also raises awareness and promotes impulse buying of the products. Influencers encourage brand awareness, making live streams fun, and that also influences people to buy more. It creates a mutual relationship between the customer and seller, which is an important aspect of its popularity. Live shopping has overtaken and transformed the era of traditional shopping for better living. 

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