Water is one of the basic necessities for humans to live. Even after being an essential part of our lives only 1% of water is available for human consumption. However, pollution and chemical solvents of industries and factories, atmospheric dirt and germs are making that 1% unsuitable for human consumption. Not just this, but excessive spread of waterborne diseases is also making people realize the importance of clean drinking water. Shortage of pure water is making market flood with different brands of water purifiers. Demand of purified water has taken a toll and choosing the right water purifier has become a task!

To make your work easy, we have made a list of a few things that you should always keep in mind before buying a water filter for your home.

1. Water Quality
Quality of water varies in different areas. Water at many places is loaded with sediments while other areas have water with different impurities, germs and viruses that can affect your health drastically. Always analyze your area’s water first as this will help you to know whether you need a RO water purifier, carbon filter, candle filter or UF+UV purifier for your home.

2. Usage & Storage Capacity
Analyzing your average daily water consumption is important. Know if you just need purified drinking water or purified water for your household chores as well. This will help you in keeping a fair idea about what kind of water purifier you need. House with high water consumption require a high-power and higher output rate model which can effectively filter a large supply of water. However, you can settle with smaller water filter for home if consumption is low. This will also help you to know whether you need a purifier with higher storage value or vice versa.Water Purifier - usage_storage

3. Budget
Since there are multiple type of water purifier available in the market, it is important for you to categorize your budget before you step in to buy a water filter for home. Categorizing your budget will save your time as it will help you select products as per your pocket.

Water purifier in budget

4. Body
After listing down the technical aspects of the water purifier, it is important for you to take note of the design and the body as well. The body should be portable and heavy as a water purifier is not bought frequently. Don’t just get fascinated by attractive advertisements, do a proper analysis, decide whether you want a copper body or a plastic one and select the best according to your need.

Water Purifier

5. Compare
Always compare before you choose. Before you get a water purifier decide to step out and compare. Check out different stores or select online as the market is flooding with different types of purifier. Different brand offers different technology and designs. Compare and choose whether you want a prestige water purifier or a Kent one or if you simply want to go with a new brand. Based on the price, specifications, ratings, and reviews, make your decision.

compare Water Purifiers

6. After sale service
Not just specifications or looks but after sale service of the product also plays an important role. Always check reviews of the product’s after sale service before buying it, for instance Prestige water purifier comes with 1-year onsite brand warranty to its customers.

Water Purifier - after_sale_service

A good water purifier will ensure the wellness of your family and therefore choosing a perfect one is a need. Keep these things in mind, list down your requirements and buy a water filter for your home today!