For 2018, wardrobe styles for the festive season get comfier, lighter and experimental. Here’s a round-up of what you need to have in your closet to rock the festivities lined up for next 12 months. Heavy embroideries, embellished ethnic silhouettes are outdated, for now. Read through to know what’s in and how!


Yes, the next big trend for the festive season ahead is the multi-layered outfit that is not only light and easy to carry. But, can be worn in as many as four different ways when teamed with different separates.


Next on the list is the all-new half-n-half saree – a perfect example of owning the best of both worlds. With half-n-half trend you get the right amount of subtle and sheen without much ado. 

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Agnisie Pick Any 1 Pleated Saree

Third on the list is the pre-pleated saree for those who don’t know the art of draping a saree and still would like to don one. These sarees save you from wasting a lot of time and keep you in the front row when it comes to fashion.

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Pack of 3 Art Silk Sarees by by Indian Beauty

If you thought stripes can only flatter western silhouettes, then here’s some food for thought for you. Don conventional silks finished with stripes in beautiful color combinations and get over the fashion barrier, now.

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Pack of 2 Foil Print Kurta

The best thing about fashion is that it keeps reinventing itself and there’s never a dearth of styles you are looking for. So, if you can’t do without shimmer – foil prints are meant for you. You can do away with heavy embellishments and still look all gorgeous and gold.

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1 Maxi Dress, 1 Cropped Jacket & 1 Long Sequin Jacket

Sequins are not going anywhere so you can hold onto them for another season. Perfect this trend keeping it low key, always.


Pick Any 1 Anarkali with Bottom Fabric by Rhythm Rajasthan

Floor-length Anarkalis aren’t going any where either. They are staying back in solid colors and big bold motifs.

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