Ever wondered about giving your home a makeover without splurging a lot of money? Just like our body, our home also needs some pampering time to time. It’s up to you whether you want to give your living space a makeover entirely or want to change one thing at a time. With busy schedules changing the look of your home completely is a task but you can work on small things and bring a big change!

Check out these amazing home décor items that can change the look of your nest in minutes.

  1. Bedsheets

While thinking about a home makeover, people hardly give any thought to bedsheets. However, it’s a truth that a right bedsheet can glam up your room effortlessly. Spread soft sheets to sink in, designs to feel good about and let them do the magic.

Bedsheets Ezmall

  1. Printed curtains

Curtains accentuate the beauty of the room. Modern or casual, designer or easy breezy, choose from the variety of curtains available in the market and give your home a makeover without burning a hole in your pocket!

  1. Portable Wardrobe

Cluttered wardrobes are a major turn off. However, adding another wardrobe at home isn’t possible every time. Choosing portable wardrobes is a smart move. They are not only spacious and affordable but can also be modified easily so that homeowners can update them as their needs change.portable wardrobe ezmall

  1. Nothing!

Filling your home with expensive furnishing and furniture is never an option. There is a need to leave vacant space in your home. Let your home breathe and make it look spacious by removing unnecessary items.

  1. Photo frames

Photographs top the list when it comes to making memories. Then why not keeping the most beautiful moments of your life in front of your eyes? Frame your happy moments and hang them around your home. Match the wall photo frames with your interior and give a different look to your place.Photo Frame Ezmall

  1. House plants

House plants not only look good, but they are designed to make you feel good as well. Many studies say plants are stress busters, keeps people relaxed and makes them creative. Why waste money on artificial room refreshers when plants can do the work naturally?

  1. Organizer sets

Foldable organizer sets are taking over the market really fast. Use them as a shoe rack or organize your kitchen boxes in them. There multipurpose usage is making them a big hit. There assorted color range is another reason why people are loving it. An organized home is a beautiful home, isn’t it?portable wardrobe ezmall

  1. Improve storage

Your beautifully decorated home is not worth it if it is not properly organized. Spend 5 minutes a day keeping your things at its place and feel the change. Excessive decoration can make the place look clumsy. Try getting good storage options to keep your place organized

  1. Sit and store poufs

Sit and store poufs not only come in quirky colors but are also useful. Ideal for rooms and gardens, these poufs are a must haves while restyling your home. They not only look amazing but also help in storing the things you don’t want your guests to see!Sit And Store Poufs at Ezmall


So, what are you waiting for? Go, restyle your home now!