Hypertension and hypotension are extremely common cardiovascular conditions that can contribute to multiple serious health issues like coronary heart disease, stroke, depression, dehydrations and sometimes even death! Among hypertension and hypotension high blood pressure i.e. hypertension has become one of the most common lifestyle diseases these days. According to a study, “one-third of our population will suffer from hypertension by 2020.” (Source: TOI ) Keeping a bp machine at home is a must today!
Primary reasons for keeping a blood pressure monitor at home:

  1. Healthcare professionals recommend that one should keep a track of his/her blood pressure every day. Self-test provides an important baseline for your blood pressure that can help to determine if you are in danger of developing hypertension/hypotension or other potentially challenging diseases.blood pressure check
  2. Self-assessing your bp with a portable blood pressure machine isn’t just for those who are already at risk. Regular health checkups of a seemingly healthy individual can help in tracking health issues at an early stage.blood pressure machine
  3. According to a research, most people experience two peaks in their blood pressure each day. This rise takes place typically between 6am-8am and 5pm-8pm. Your bp elevates between 30mmHg to 50mmHg during these peak periods. Patients who are at early stage of hypertension experience a rise in their bp during one of the peak periods. These peak periods fall outside the normal schedule of most doctor’s appointment and your bp issue can actually go without a diagnosis. Therefore, self-assessment with an in-home bp machine is important.blood pressure check
  4. Individuals dealing with high blood pressure experience various type of symptoms. Regular monitoring at home can create a baseline for symptoms and help your doctor to start an effective treatment as per your condition.

BP Symptoms

Blood pressure issues might be common, but they are equally serious and deadly. Being a silent killer, Hypertension is responsible for 57 per cent of all stroke deaths and 24 per cent of all coronary heart disease deaths in India.

According to a 2013 WHO report, the disease kills 7.5 million people worldwide each year, which is more than AIDS, road accidents, diabetes and tuberculosis together. (Source: downtoearth)

A bp monitor can help individuals notice the early signs of hypertension and hypotension before it gets too late. Bring a reliable and accurate blood pressure machine at home today because a healthy family is a happy family!